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Book: The Business Caring Formula
                   Building Your New Leadership Lifestyle
What Is "The Business Caring Formula" About?
I wrote my book, The Business Caring Formula: Building Your New Leadership Lifestyle, with you in mind – high school and college students, managers, executives, entrepreneurs across industries and organizations worldwide – to give you the formula for thinking and acting as a leader at any stage of your life.

In my book, to share my best practices in building productive and successful leaders based on my over 20 years in leadership positions at top global companies.
The Business Caring Formula create a lifestyle. It fosters inclusivity and action-driven leadership while taking others with you on your caring leader journey. It starts with a call to action. I’m asking you to be a caring leader in everything you do and wherever you go, and that includes how you interact with your personal and work- related relationships.

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"Disrupting the conventional definition of success"
What People Are Saying About "The Business Caring Formula" ..
"Adopt the “Business Caring Formula!” Caring is the key and is an extension of the ideal family you will build in your organization. In the process, you will become a better leader generating greater trust, respect, and commitment across the organization. Here in concise detail are the steps you will need to know.”
Marvin Zonis - Professor Emeritus
Booth School of Business, University of Chicago
Here's What You'll Learn From This Amazing Book:
  • Stay true to your mission and values. Learn how being a caring leader can help you focus on what is important in life’s journey and to develop your values with integrity, and then how to build a lifestyle that is based on caring for others, too.
  • Be consistent. Learn how to build a path to success and happiness as a caring leader who is responsible every day and with everyone so they too can motivate others to follow the caring leadership lifestyle.  
  • Engage and empower others. Learn the importance of being genuine and how to walk into a room with positive energy even when delivering difficult news.
  • Make humor part of your lifestyle. The caring leader’s lifestyle is about having a positive attitude and humor. It promotes creativity and innovation.
  • Make happiness and success yours. Learn how to define your individual success and attain happiness by always using the key ingredient needed in life, caring, and how it will make you an effective and motivational leader.
  • Be a family business leader. Learn how to care about others’ well-being and happiness as your family. That kind of caring fosters family style trust and bonds that are needed to grow long-term, healthy relationships in business. 
  • Become the change engine at home and work that knows how to make exceptions to rules that are not working. Learn how to identify a skill or talent in you or others and then how to use it for the benefit of all. 
  • Become a responsible leader. Learn how to connect to your life’s passion and inspire others to follow their journey and to drive positive impact at home, organizations and in society. 
  • Be inclusive. Learn the power of inclusive communications, how to provide positive feedback and encourage others to follow your lead, and how to increase productivity and happiness with inclusivity. 
Robert Gates
Think of Emma as your very own personal success and leadership coach right there with you at every turn of the page, reminding you that part of your journey is to find your real passion, to disrupt the status quo, to care about the well-being of others as much as your own. She dares you to go beyond the functions of your work routine and project tasks and to reconsider your long-term professional goals by defining your role as a caring leader invested in making the world better. 
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